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Hello! I’m Olivia. I love to travel and thought why not start a blog to share the adventures?!?! I hope I can share some tips and tricks, photos, cool places to visit, and stories. I love both international and domestic travel. So far I’ve been lucky enough to visit about 9 different countries. I hope to visit more soon.

Right now it is a bit challenging to travel with COVID-19. Hopefully things will die down soon and be able to travel again.

See you soon!

Tips #2

Recently I shared a story about my trip to Richmond, Virginia. I was stopped because there was candy in my carry-on and I guess it was showing up as “red” or whatnot on their monitor. The luggage had to be inspected. My suitcase was not organized. I had been more worried about my instruments being a problem but were not.

My mistake, or what I think the mistake was, was having all of the candy and chocolate in one place instead of having it spread throughout the suitcase. I had taken cliff bars, cheese-its, and other snacks when traveling to the destination and brought plenty of candy items back. It also helps to be organized. I was not organized on that trip and my suitcase looked like a pile of laundry contained in a small space. I should have folded those or packed less. Or both. Sometimes I find it easier to fold an article of clothing in half then rolling it up. It seems to save some space.

Breakables are definitely something that can be a challenge. Especially when flying. The employees who load and unload the luggage on the planes, move quickly so that luggage can meet the next flight or be moved to the luggage pick up. It’s not exactly the most gentle way of handing cargo.

Germany’s Christmas markets are amazing!! I hope to go again. They have different stands around the market and each Christmas market is different. There are stands where you can buy hot drinks like hot ciders, hot chocolate (or hot cocoa). Each of those is different at each place too! You can keep the mug or return it for them to use again. If you do return it it’s I think about one Euro “back”. I decided to keep three from that trip. I knew that sometimes luggage is sometimes “roughed up” so I decided to individually wrap/store the mugs in the clothes in my suitcase. Ewww gross. Okay yes, but everything was washed when I got home.

Crazy Weekend!

I flew to Richmond, Virgina to meet this relative. We had a great weekend together. Got to play our flutes together and see Julie Fowlis in concert (Maryland). We had driven to Maryland. On our drive, we had seen a unique looking motorcycle. It had two wheels in the front and one in the back. We called it a motorized tricycle. It was one of the funniest things I had ever seen.

My flights back were where some of the craziest and most interesting things happened. We had stopped by a chocolate shop in Richmond called “For the Love of Chocolate”. I purchased some chocolate and other candy. I stuffed it into my carry on. I didn’t think that candy would be a problem. I was more worried about my flute and penny whistle being a problem. Let’s just say that was wrong. The candy showed up on the machine in security and I was stopped. They asked what it was and I told them it was candy. I don’t know if the TSA agent had a long day or what but she, in a slightly annoyed tone says “food is not allowed on flights”. My bag was inspected but I was allowed to bring it home. I had never had a problem with taking food on a trip, even took stuff internationally with out a problem.

I made it from Richmond, Virginia to Atlanta, Georgia. My flight from Atlanta to home was delayed by a couple hours. No big deal just annoying. When we finally start to board the plane, around 10:40pm, I put my luggage in the overhead bin, found my seat and was ready to get home. There was a lady one seat over from me that was kind of staring at me. (I was in the window seat, she was in the aisle seat, and there was a seat between us.) She was drunk and you could smell the alcohol. She started a little conversation and then the person for the middle seat showed up. That person was also tired and ready to get to the destination. She ended up falling asleep. The other lady asked for more alcohol in flight and got some. She was staring at the person in the middle. When we landed and were almost to the gate. She told the person in the middle “you sleep with your mouth open.” And then had gotten up and was almost immediately gone. The person in the middle and I gave each other a look as if to ask, what in the world just happened. It was definitely and experience.


So obviously no one has to follow these tips or any tips I put out there. These are things that I have found that might be helpful for travel in the future. I think in this I will share two tips and how I decided to change that for my own travel in the future

Tip number 1: Don’t take any full size anything on carry on luggage. For anyone who might not know, there is the 3-1-1 rule. Liquids have to be 3.4 oz or less and in one quart sized bag. Any other larger “liquids” had to be in checked luggage.

I had flown to New York (state) with my family to visit family. When we got there, I realized I had forgotten my facial wash. We were able to stop by a store and get some. Silly me decides to buy the “full” size of the kind I liked to use at the time thinking I could use the rest when I got home. Our luggage was carry on and not checked and since the product was bigger than what was allowed, I was stopped and checked by airport security. They ended up taking the facial wash and having to throw it away. I think I only got 3 or 4 uses out of it. Oh well. So just make sure that if you have to purchase something, make sure it goes in checked luggage or meets the 3-1-1 rule.

Tip number 2: Water is allowed, but not in liquid form. This is something that I did not know until it happened to my sister. I hadn’t tried to carry a bottle of water with me. My sister had one unopened, and was stopped by airport security. She was not trying to do anything with the water but save it to drink later. They had to confiscate it. They told her that she would have been allowed to take it through security, on to the plane if it had been frozen. Frozen water can hydrate later if you need or want water on your flight.

First Stop-Story Time!

My first story is one from summer of 2017. My dad was working with a German based company and was in Germany for about 3 months in 2017. My sister and I were able to visit for a few weeks while he and Andrea were over there. While there are many stories that could come from the trip there’s definitely one that was both kind of scary at the time and funny now.

We took a little weekend trip to Prague, Czech Republic visiting the city and one of my dad’s friends. I don’t exactly know how they initially met, probably work or something. We got to meet him and his family, which they’re amazing. All, I think 8, of us planned a walking tour of Prague.

Summer in Europe is pretty hot and I don’t think any of us found a place with air conditioning. That was partly why I made a bad decision. I decided to wear flip flops on our tour of Prague. It was hot outside and I thought I would be fine wearing flip flops. There’s definitely a chance I forgot to pack better shoes. It was beautiful and worth visiting and seeing again.

On our way back, we were taking the metro/subway/train type thing (both ways). At one point of the way to get to that part there was an escalator. You might be able to guess what happened. On the way up the escalator, I turned a little bit to try to tell my dad something. Next thing I know, there is a slight tug, and a EEEEEEEEEEE of my flip flop getting stuck in the side of the elevator. The escalator didn’t stop and I didn’t get hurt. But I was just like DAD! DAD! MY SHOE IS STUCK! thankfully we got the flip flop out. A piece of the shoe is missing and probably floating around somewhere.

Sorry about the quality of the photo. I had to try to download them from my social media because I lost a lot of my photos from that trip.

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